I was evaluating Firefox for the purpose of resuming full time use of Kinja with this browser. These are the versions used for testing: Firefox 27.0.1 and Nightly 30a1 for Windows 7, version 27.0.1 for Ubuntu Linux 13.10, both operating systems are 64-bit.

I did clear the caches for both versions and operating systems.

The content option to let sites use their own fonts is enabled, when using Kinja 1.2 (and the previous version) icon graphics are not displayed as seen below...


(I also am not sure how those features were activated, except it was pressing a key while holding down the control button.)

I decided to create a separate Kinja help post because this issue maybe just my problem.


There is also the problem of trying to edit a new reply, when the edit option is selected from the drop down menu the page scrolls to the top. After refreshing the page the edit option activates the editor dialog box. (Chrome version 33 exhibits this erroneous behavior.)

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